What if

AI can help to reduce snakebite mortalities?

About 5.4 million snakebites occur per year in the world, resulting in more than 81,000 death rate! AI.Nature aims to use state of the art AI technologies and GIS data to reduce human-snake conflict, providing Image-based snake identification, location-based snakebite risk assessment and interactive first-aid/treatment suggestions.

AI.Snake Web Application is currently developed to assist doctors by the services as:

- Imaged-based identification of venomous snakes

- Location-based list of snakes due to their most updated distribution maps

- Evidence-based interactive snakebite treatment information

Meet AI.Nature

Our product is an interactive web application that uses the state of the art machine learning technologies along with spatial geographical analyses, applied on image data and metadata. For automated snake image segmentation and identification, customised deep learning methods are utilised. While geographical information system (GIS) is used for serving spatial data.

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AI.Nature aims to help reducing snakebite cases and mortalities taking advantage of AI-based tools. We focus on providing technological solutions to help snakebite vulnerable groups and their health care providers in countries located in Africa and western Asia.

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In 2017, WHO reinstate snakebite as a high priority neglected tropical diseases. This brought us to the multidisciplinary idea of using zoological science and machine learning technologies to help managing the issue. Our proposal received a support by Inria Startup Studio in winter 2021.

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About Inria Startup Studio (ISS)

AI.Nature receives support from Inria Startup Studio. ISS promotes creating digital Deeptech startups in France via consulting by expertise in technical, management and marketing domains.