AI.Nature Team

We are working in a multidisciplinary team including biologists, engineers and medical doctors collaborating with research institutes in France.


Khosrow Rajabizadeh

with more than 15 years of academic background in herpetology, leading to PhD in biology and a postdoc in functional morphology and applied computer science, He is the founder of AI.Nature startup.


Lionel Khalil

Dr. Lionel Khalil is experienced in supporting startup's fundraising activities and is a key asset responsible for setting company sales targets and marketing goals. Lionel is in charge to develop and implement a strategic development plan. He holds a PhD in Computer Sciences and a JD in Law.


Jaleh Sarafraz

Jaleh is dataset manager of AI.Nature project. Her main research interest concerns marine biodiversity and conservation.


Ilyes Negadi

Passionate about new technologies and more particularly web development, graduated from a master in artificial intelligence, he brought the great expertise in to our team.


Anthony Herrel

As a herpetologist and functional morphologist, Herrel is currently head of the FUNEVOL team (FUNctional approaches to the EVOLution of complex integrated systems; UMR 7179 CNRS/MNHN). He has extensive knowledge in working with snakes.


Jean-Philippe Chippaux

Chippaux is a specialist of snakebite treatment/management and a professional snake expert, based in Institut de Recherche pour le Développement and Institut Pasteur in Paris, France. He is a member of the WHO working group on snakebite envenomation since 2017.


Ivan Laptev

Ivan Laptev is a senior researcher at INRIA Paris and he is the head of scientific board at VisionLabs. Ivan's main research interests is visual recognition of human actions, objects and interactions, and more recently robotics.


Zahra Seyd

As a young expert in image processing and computer vision, she holds the vision to unite technology with other domains to find solutions for world critical challenges She was the CTO of AI.Nature project and managed technological development of the startup until April 2022.

Stage students

Irina Delamare

Irina is a CRI student at Université de Paris, Her project is to become a researcher in biology using an interdisciplinary approach and utilize digital science as a powerful and innovative tool to become a pioneer of her research subject.